What age should my child first visit the dentist?

What age should my child first visit the dentist?

Is your Child Ready for his/her Visit to the dentist?

As parents we always want what’s best for our children. We make every effort to stay on top of their medical and dental appointments to ensure their health and wellbeing. However, sometimes some parents are a bit apprehensive about making the initial dentist appointment for their children. This may be due to a bad experience they might have had themselves, or maybe they don’t know how their child will react at the appointment.

There may be several reasons why your little one isn’t excited about visiting a dentist. It could be stories they have heard from a friend or siblings or even their parents, or it could be the fear of the unknown.  A parent’s own apprehension can also transfer to their child because our children always mirror our emotions.

These are some tips to help prepare you and your child for their dental visit

Start Early! American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see the dentist by their first birthday, regardless of whether their teeth have come in. This will not only ensure that their gum and teeth are healthy, and their oral growth and development is on the right tract, but also it will help them grow up being used to see the dentist on a regular basis.

Just like you take your child to their pediatrician because of their extra and specialized training in children, visit a Pediatric Dentist.  Pediatric Dentists receive extra training beyond dental school to become experts at treating children and preserving their psyche through different behavioral and psychological approaches. Pediatric offices are also more fun and kid-friendly with lots of distractions for the kids. This can make their visit way more pleasant.

Explain to your children what will happen during their first visit.

Fear of the unknown can make children very uncomfortable. These are also some wonderful books you can read to your child about the dentist:

  • The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
  • The Crocodile & the Dentist
  • Show Me Your Smile! A Visit to the Dentist
  • Just Going to the Dentist

You can always stop by our office prior to their visit and have us give them a tour. They can see everything, we will do show & tell, and end their tour with some fun prizes to get them excited.

Sheer Smiles We Strive to help them feel comfortable during their visit and have a lifetime of good oral habits. We’d love to help you prepare them for their next appointment!