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Frisco Kids Dentistry with services to infants, toddlers, teens and children with special needs. Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is located in Frisco, Texas and we proudly serve the surrounding cities of Little Elm, The Colony, Plano, Prosper, and Oak Point. 

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Dentistry for Kids, Frisco TX

As a Frisco kids dentistry, Sheer Smiles is where your child learns to love coming in for dental checkups or dental appointments. Dr. Shir is a board-certified Pediatric Dentist who loves engaging with kids, and kids love engaging with her, therefore, parents are always welcome to stay with their children throughout their visit preventing dental anxiety in kids thanks to our open-door policy.

Kids love the atmosphere at our dental office!

From the friendly staff to the video games, TVs and fun decorations, or whether you have an infant, a kid, or a teen, Dr. Shir’s dentistry for kids clinic is perfect for kids of all ages. Schedule an appointment today!” Overall, our Frisco Pediatric Dentistry offers premier dental health services to infants, toddlers, teens and children with special needs. Presently, Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Frisco Texas proudly serves the surrounding cities of Little Elm, The Colony, Plano, Prosper, and Oak Point.
A Frisco kids dentistry, Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, is a family-oriented Pediatric Dental Practice in Frisco Texas with specialized training to meet every oral health needs of children under our care.

Accordingly, we feel every child is a unique individual, who needs to be treated in a way that best suits their personality, age, and cognitive development. All in all, our dental facility for children and minors provides a range of dental services to children aged 0-18 years of age and their families. Dr. Solmaz Shir is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry at Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Shir, Received her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Texas at Austin, her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) degree from University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and she completed her specialty training and residency in pediatric dentistry at Boston University Goldman school of dentistry.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

A dedicated field of dentistry, pediatric dentistry prioritizes treating and maintaining the oral health of minors and vulnerable populations. Children’s dentists strive to promote optimal oral care as kids grow and develop through targeted measures and informative guidance.

These specialized dentists acquire further education after completing their dental degree to address the unique needs of young patients. They are equipped to address a wide range of issues specific to pediatric patients, including:

Preventive Care: Pediatric dentists underline the significance of taking proactive measures, including regular dental appointments, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, to establish robust oral practices in children and avoid dental problems.

Early Detection and Treatment: These dentists are equipped to identify and handle dental issues at an early stage, such as cavities, developmental challenges, and malpositioning of teeth or the jaw. Acting promptly can enable the implementation of less radical and more tolerable treatment plans.

Behavior Management: These specialized dentists are trained to manage the unique needs and concerns of pediatric patients, ensuring a relaxed and successful visit. Child-centered language and practices are used by clinicians to calm children during their appointments.

Restorative Dentistry: Pediatric dentists are skilled at performing tailored restorative treatments, including fillings, crowns, and root canals, catering to the particular requirements of kids. Focusing on protecting the integrity of baby teeth, essential for a child’s progress.

Orthodontic Guidance: These dentists oversee the progression of a kid’s teeth and jawline, providing prompt interventions and directing patients to orthodontic care as needed. Proactive treatment can eliminate potential complications before they become more complicated.

Special Needs Dentistry: Pedodontists leverage their distinct expertise and competencies to deliver exceptional treatment to children with diverse levels of functionality.

Dental Education: Pediatric dentists provide instruction to parents and their little ones regarding optimal oral health maintenance via lessons on adequate oral hygiene techniques, balanced meals, and additional relevant areas of concern.

Who Can Get Pediatric Dental Care?

Childhood oral hygiene services are tailored to children’s specific demands throughout growth spurts. While the precise age range varies slightly, pediatric dental care generally includes the following groups:

Toddlers and Infants: Children can begin receiving oral therapy as early as infancy. According to the AAPD, children should receive their first dental visit before their first birthday or immediately after the appearance of their first tooth. Regular dentist visits from infancy can provide parents with insight into correct oral hygiene procedures and allow for the diagnosis of small issues before they escalate.

Children: Children’s dental treatment spans their whole developmental span, from infancy to early adolescence. Many children receive regular examinations, cleanings, proactive therapies such as fluoride applications and dental sealants, and timely diagnosis of oral issues during these sessions.

Adolescents: Children and adolescents have the right to child-centered dental treatment until they reach the age of 18. At this point, orthodontic exams and treatments are likely to dominate the scope of care.

Individuals with Special Needs: Child teeth doctors undergo specific training to care for patients of all ages who have special needs. Special needs dentistry tailors care for patients with varying medical and functional needs.

A variety of factors determine the parameters for obtaining optimal dental health, including the dental office, the dentist’s skill set, and the child’s unique needs. Dentists who specialize in treating children may continue to work with their adult patients while others delegate responsibilities to more experienced adult practitioners when their patients reach a certain developmental milestone all the while collaborating with a family.

If you are unsure whether you or your child are eligible for pediatric dental treatment, it is best to speak with a pediatric dentist who can analyze your individual condition and advise you on the best dental care pathway.

What To Expect During a Pediatric Dental Visit?

Healthy kids are happy kids. That is why we make an effort to provide an environment in which our patient and children feel safe during a procedure, and comfortable and pleased throughout their dental visits at Sheer Smiles Pediatric. Assuring that everyone engaged, from children to parents, is pleased and informed. You can expect the following when you bring your child to our Frisco kids dentistry:

Welcoming Atmosphere: When you walk into our office, you will notice a friendly atmosphere produced by our friendly employees and deliberately planned places appropriate for young visitors. Our colorful decorations, fun digital distractions, and kid-friendly amenities all contribute to a pleasant dental experience.

One-of-a-Kind Dentist: Dr. Shir is a kind and experienced pediatric dentist, and your child will be in capable hands for all of their dental needs. Dr. Shir’s education and commitment ensure that young patients receive great care that is tailored to their age and uniqueness.

Open Communication: Keeping you up to date on our work is an important part of our service. Dr. Shir and our team will spend time in your house explaining treatment techniques, assuaging your fears, and providing guidance on how to maintain your child’s dental hygiene.

Engaging dentist Visits: Children may experience anxiety when faced with dentist visits. Dr. Shir’s compassionate manner puts children at ease. Families can now share the event together without worrying about separation anxiety thanks to our accommodating approach.

Inclusivity: Whether you have a newborn, a young child, an adolescent, or a child with special needs, our dental office is prepared to treat them all. Our staff’s varied educational backgrounds help us design individualized care plans that meet the special dental requirements of kids.

Comprehensive Dental Services: At Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our expert dentists are committed to providing top-quality treatment to children and their families, from routine exams to more sophisticated operations. Our practice’s expert staff prioritizes personalized care, developing tailored therapy to match the unique needs of each young patient, with a strong emphasis on avoidance and prompt response.

Convenient Location: From our Frisco location, we serve families in nearby areas like Little Elm, The Colony, Plano, Prosper, and Oak Point.

Visit us today to see for yourself the Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry difference. Let us collaborate to lay a solid oral hygiene foundation for your child’s future.

Oral Care For Children At All Stages

At Sheer Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our mission is to create a positive and nurturing environment where your child feels comfortable and excited about dental care. We’re here to partner with you at every stage of your child’s oral health journey, ensuring a lifetime of smiles and optimal well-being. Schedule an appointment today and let us join you in guiding your child toward a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Infant Oral Care (Ages 0-2)

Caring for your child’s oral health begins even before their first tooth emerges. Our team will guide you through proper infant oral hygiene practices, including:

Early Childhood (Ages 2-6)

During these crucial years of dental development, we focus on fostering positive experiences to set the stage for a lifetime of oral health:

Mixed Dentition (Ages 6-12)

As your child’s primary teeth make way for their permanent ones, we focus on maintaining a healthy foundation and addressing any emerging issues:

Adolescence (Ages 12-18)

During the teenage years, we empower your child to take charge of their oral health while providing guidance and support:

Our Services Offered

Dental Exams: Diligent dental evaluations form the basis of optimal oral health for kids. Our gentle and experienced team performs comprehensive evaluations to monitor growth, detect issues early, and ensure optimal dental development.

Dental Cleaning: Professional dental cleanings help keep your child’s teeth clean, healthy, and free from plaque and tartar buildup. Our team uses kid-friendly techniques to make cleanings a positive and comfortable experience.

Dental Crowns: When a tooth is extensively decayed or damaged, we offer dental crowns to restore its function and appearance. Our sturdy and natural-looking crowns aim to protect and preserve your child’s dental smiles.

Dental sealants: Dental sealants assist prevent tooth decay by sealing the depressions and ridges on the chewing surfaces. The routine in place is both safe and effective in keeping young teeth cavity-free.

Digital Radiology: We use state-of-the-art digital radiology to capture detailed images of your child’s teeth and jaw. This technology minimizes radiation exposure while providing valuable diagnostic information.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride treatments strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Our safe and effective fluoride applications help ensure your child’s teeth remain strong and resilient.

Frenectomies: For children with tongue or lip ties that may affect speech, feeding, or oral health, we offer frenectomy procedures to release these restrictions and improve function.

Habit Dentistry: We have been guiding and educating children and parents about interventions to address harmful oral habits such as thumb-sucking or pacifier use, ensuring proper oral development.

Intraoral Cameras: Our intraoral cameras allow us to show you and your child real-time images of children’s teeth and mouth, promoting understanding and involvement in their overall health and oral care.

Silver Diamine Fluoride: This non-invasive pediatric care treatment can halt the progression of cavities, making it a valuable option for managing early decay without the need for restorative treatment to minimize need of sedation in very young children.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Our tooth-colored fillings blend seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth, providing effective restoration while maintaining a beautiful smile.

Laser Dentistry: Involves the use of lasers to perform various dental procedures. Lasers are highly focused beams of light that can produce precise and targeted energy. We do a variety of soft tissue procedures using lasers.

Tooth Extractions: If necessary, we perform gentle tooth extractions to address severely damaged or impacted teeth and ensure your child’s oral health.

How Can Sheer Smiles Kids Dentistry Help Your Child in Frisco, Texas?

At Sheer Smiles Kids Dentistry, we’re not just a dental clinic – we’re your child’s dental partners on a journey of healthy smiles and happy visits. Led by Dr. Solmaz Shir, a dedicated board-certified Pediatric Dentist, our Frisco-based practice is a haven of comfort and fun for kids of all ages. Imagine a waiting area filled with laughter, interactive video games, and a friendly atmosphere that immediately puts children at ease. Our open-door policy welcomes parents to be a part of every step, fostering trust and making dental visits a breeze with our superb front desk assistance.

From preventive services like dental exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments to advanced technologies such as pain-free dentistry with DentalVibe, Sheer Smiles ensures your child’s smile and comfort is a priority. We cater to little patients like infants, toddlers, teens, and children with special needs, offering tailored treatments that make oral care enjoyable. Our entire staff is committed to educating and empowering both parents and kids to maintain healthy habits at home. Conveniently serving Frisco and neighboring areas, Sheer Smiles Kids Dentistry is where smiles are nurtured and dental experiences are transformed into lifelong positive memories. Embrace the journey to healthy teeth and joyful smiles – schedule an appointment today and let Sheer Smiles redefine your child’s dental care experience!


Pediatric dentistry is for infants, children, and adolescents, typically ranging from birth to 18 years of age. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a first dental visit by the child’s first birthday or when their first tooth appears.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on specialized care for growing smiles. Early visits establish good oral habits, prevent dental issues, and ensure proper development, setting the foundation for lifelong oral health.

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Solmaz Shir at Sheer Smiles have extra training to cater specifically to children’s needs. They create child-friendly environments, use techniques to ease anxiety, and address unique developmental aspects.

Pediatric dentists are experts in child oral health, offering age-appropriate care and preventive measures. They guide parents on proper hygiene, monitor growth, and ensure a positive dental experience, fostering a lifelong commitment to oral health.

To prepare your child, keep it positive. Talk about the visit positively, read books about dentists, and avoid mentioning any discomfort. Be a role model by demonstrating good oral care habits and maintain a relaxed attitude to ease their worries.

About Dr. Solmaz Shir, DDS

Presently, Dr. Solmaz Shir is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Shir, Received her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Texas at Austin, and her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) degree from University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

Specifically, Dr. Solmaz Shir graduated from dental school with a distinction in academic teaching. After that, she received numerous leadership, academic, and dentistry awards. As a result, Dr. Solmaz Shir has held a position as part-time faculty at Baylor College of Dentistry while practicing general dentistry in private practice setting in DFW area.

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