Sugary Drinks and Tooth Decay

Sugary Drinks and Tooth Decay

Dr. Shir of Sheer Kids Dentistry advises parents and their young patients that when food particles and remnants of sugary drinks are not brushed off teeth regularly, bacteria start to grow. As the bacteria begin to break down, it creates an acid that starts attacking the teeth. As the best dentist in Frisco TX, we see weakened enamel, cavities, and tooth sensitivity among younger and younger patients from drinking juice and soda without proper dental hygiene. Frisco TX dentist recommendations are consistent; sugary drinks lead to tooth decay. However, if you follow the recommendations from your dentist in Frisco Texas, you can prevent decay.   

How Much is Too Much?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cavities are “one of the most chronic diseases of childhood in the United States.” They also report that approximately 20 percent of children 5 to 11 years old and 13 percent of kids 12 to 19 years old have a minimum of one untreated tooth with decay. Sodas, juice, sports drinks, and even diet sodas have the same effect on your child’s teeth. These drinks in any quantity can be harmful. It’s not only about the sugar in the drinks, but the acidity also leads to tooth decay. Highly acidic drinks should be avoided or rarely consumed. Those with moderate acidity are safe occasionally. Your children’s dentist is a great resource for any specific questions you may have regarding the dental hygiene and diet of your children.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Be proactive, and you can help prevent tooth decay! Avoiding sugary drinks is the most obvious solution to protecting your child’s teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly and using mouthwash with fluoride are also important steps in keeping the enamel strong and protected. Ask your children’s dentist about dental sealants.

The CDC reports that dental sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities. Dental sealants for toddlers, however, are not typically covered by insurance or done at that young age as they will begin losing those teeth around age six. 

Your Neighborhood Dentist in Frisco Texas

Dr. Shir at Sheer Smiles Dentistry specializes in children of all ages, and children with special needs, and offers dental sealants. If you have questions regarding the prevention of tooth decay in your child, contact us today at (972) 987-0787. We offer same-day appointments, convenient hours, and an inviting atmosphere for our young clientele.