Do I Need to Brush My Tongue?

Do I Need to Brush My Tongue?

The short answer is yes! Adult and pediatric dentistry recommendations include brushing your tongue. Researchers believe there are over 700 types of bacteria taking residence on the tongue that hang on for dear life until intentionally removed. Some of the bacteria is good for your overall health, but the majority of bacteria can cause health and dental issues. Preventing gum and tooth disease is just one reason why brushing your teeth and tongue is important.

Brushing vs. Rinsing

The tongue is like a sponge. Anything that touches the surface burrows right in. Admittedly, some of the 700 little minions of bacteria hanging out are actually good bacteria, but it’s still important to brush your tongue to get rid of the bad stuff. Bacteria hides in all the pockets and crevices of the tongue. A rinse just provides a gloss over the surface and isn’t enough to remove the harmful bacteria that is attaches to the teeth. Brushing creates the friction needed to uproot the harmful bacteria and actually remove it from the tongue.

Effects of Harmful Bacteria

If you don’t brush your tongue, there are several unpleasurable effects you could experience.

  1. Bad breath (Halitosis) – When bacteria is left on the surface of your tongue, it could give off a foul odor.
  2. Black tongue – Because bacteria sticks to the tongue, if allowed to build up, this could create a hairy-looking appearance on your tongue.
  3. Inability to taste – Over time, bacteria on the tongue can create a film. This film is called biofilm and blocks the taste buds.
  4. Yeast infection – Also known as oral thrush.
  5. Gum disease – This can lead to tooth loss and other issues.

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