Meet Curious Tooth at Sheer Smiles Pediatric


The new mascot for Sheer Smiles Pediatric

Curious Tooth is a white tooth with his trusty magnifying glass. In other words, he is Dr. Shir’s trusted friend and he helps answer any questions you might have. In addition, he is always very happy and perky and makes it his goal to make everyone around smarter about teeth and happier about life. Above all, he is bouncy and playful love to cheer someone up!


Curious Tooth will be putting games and puzzles here for you to download. In addition, he invites children to grow as they explore exciting places, with sharing, caring, imagining, dancing and learning, as he lends a helping hand for growing Sheer Smiles Kids. He encourages positive values and good manners for growing Sheer Smiles Kids.

CURIOUS TOOTH can help you with VIP Plan

In-House VIP Membership Program

No dental insurance or frustrated with your current dental benefits coverage plan? The Sheer Smile VIP Advantage Plan is a membership-based dental savings plan that provides the quality care you deserve at a price you can afford. Members pay an annual fee to receive regular exams, cleanings, and X-rays along with access to significantly reduced rates on all other restorative and cosmetic dental procedures performed in our office. Plus, the plan offers many benefits including no annual caps, no limits, and no waiting periods. This provides for quick access to the care you need!

VIP Membership Details

There are no yearly maximums.

No deductibles.

Claim forms? None.

Frequency limits? None.

No pre-authorization requirements.

Pre-existing condition limitations? None.

No one will be denied coverage.

No waiting periods (immediate eligibility).

For more details about what the plan includes, please call or visit our Sheer Smiles VIP Advantage page.

We ask all our parents to feel free to contact our office at 972-433-0534 during normal business hours to ask any questions. We will always be happy to answer any of your questions!