Habit Therapy

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Finger, Thumb, and Tongue Habit Therapy

Your Frisco kids dentist Dr. Solmaz Shir is trained to notice the habits and changes in your kids’ teeth early on. It’s important to stop the behavior either by 1: Bringing it to your attention to help correct as needed or 2: Applying a device that discourages the negative behavior

Habit Therapy (Thumb Sucking and Teeth Health)

Sucking is a perfectly natural reflex and can even begin in the womb. Young children can find it relaxing and comforting which is why so many sucking their thumb or finger when falling asleep. Most children will naturally stop sucking their thumb between the age of two and four years old. This habit is perfectly harmless during the first two or three years of life, while a child still has their baby teeth and before the adult teeth begin to erupt. Kids oral habits become more of a problem when they continue into early childhood, and they can affect the development of the teeth and jaws.